Success Story

East Coast Sandwich Chain

increases redemptions by 70%


A popular sandwich chain on the US East Coast was seeking to increase brand awareness and drive a noticeable increase in sales in select markets. The client was open to running a pilot program to get a baseline and then evaluate adjustments going forward.


WorkPlace Impact targeted businesses close to the restaurant locations to attract likely customers.  The initial program was for 4 locations with a reach of  65,072 in workplace circulation and achieved a redemption rate of 7%. After reviewing the results of the first program, we suggested increasing the number of locations, while also lowering the circulation reach and tightening the radius around each location. This suggestion led them to use 6 locations with a smaller reach of 60,120 in workplace circulation.


WorkPlace Impact’s marketing effort boosted redemption rates to 12.01%, up from previous efforts at 7.08%; an increase of over 70%. With the inclusion of strong offers, like $5 off a purchase and a Free Sub with any purchase, this chain was able to increase the sales for the selected markets. In addition, the client reported the sales at the stores included in the first program continued to outpace the sales of other locations that have not run a program with WorkPlace.

The client attributed much of this growth to new customers acquired to them

by the WorkPlace Impact program. 

Businesses Reached

Employees Touched


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