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We can get you the leads for your catering services.

Are You Getting Holiday Catering?

The WorkPlace and Catering

  • The B2B sector accounted for over $21 Billion in catering sales in 2017. What are you doing to get your share of that market?

  • WorkPlace Impact has the only channel available to gain access to a permissioned network of companies near your restaurants locations.

  • Our Key Contacts are often also the decision makers when it comes to large orders for their organization.

How It Works

  • When you run a program with WorkPlace Impact, you’re getting your most important brand message in front of thousands of working consumers all around your locations.

  • In addition to an offer to try your selected product or service, we can provide an offer for catering services as well.

  • By adding on our Catering Booster program, you’ll also get our teleservices team to make direct contact with our Key Contacts to promote your catering options and gather information that we pass along to you.

What You Get

  • With the WorkPlace Impact catering program, you’ll receive for each location:

    • Decision maker contact information – including email and permission to contact

    • Employee count for their location

    • Frequency of catered events

    • Average spend per catered event

    • History of past catering vendors

Leverage the power of the WorkPlace Impact employer network

to increase your catering sales today!