Success Story

Fast-Casual Hamburger Chain

sees 14.6% Average Redemption Rate


Our client, in the crowded category of fast casual burgers,
wanted to activate new and lapsed guests in order to reclaim
market share. This client has used WorkPlace Impact as part of
their local store marketing strategy in the past.


WorkPlace Impact suggested increasing the number of locations in
the program to create a larger regional impact. Our program was
designed to target up to 7500 businesses from our proprietary
network around their 59 chosen locations. The client also wanted
to boost sales in the month of January, so an aggresive offer - a
free hamburger, “no strings attached” - was used to really activate
these new and lapsed guests, even in the worst weather!


After the client sent this exclusive offer to 7,337 businesses
surrounding their locations, they saw an overall average
redemption rate of 14.6% with a peak of 17%. This hamburger
chain also saw a 0.43% increase in sales through the duration of
the program.