WorkPlace Impact Case Study

CPG manufacturer and supermarket chain team up to drive sales among working consumers. 


The goal of the promotion was to raise awareness of a CPG brand’s lunch segment which featured a new in-store set-up with existing products. 


Knowing that working consumers rely on eating lunch away from home every day provides the perfect consumer segment for the promotion, WorkPlace Impact developed a solution that reached these valuable consumers right where they work. Targeting was a central focus of the program, with working women being the primary target, and especially working moms. Through a sophisticated targeting system, industries that indexed high with working women/moms were honed in on for the promotion. In addition to targeting, awareness was a major factor; therefore, break room posters were distributed in offices, and each employee received a coupon booklet with offers featuring the new lunch segment. 


The results were positive, and the client has continued to utilize WorkPlace Impact in coordination with other retailers. Additionally, real-time survey results show that 81% of respondents said that the offer would lead them to make an unplanned visit to the grocer.