WorkPlace Impact Case Study

National drug store chain expands market share and drives new customers by targeting local businesses and their employees. 


One of the nation’s leading retail pharmacy chains was looking for new ways to drive awareness of grand openings. Their marketing plan for grand openings had been the same for years, and, while effective, they wanted to explore a complement to the program that would reach more consumers in new trade areas. 

The strategy included providing offers that would focus on some products while maintaining mass appeal. Therefore, offers for products were positioned alongside a strong whole store offer that was for dollars off a reasonable minimum purchase. Additionally, the program included strategic targeting that complemented working consumer behaviors within various trade area types: urban, suburban, and rural. Creative and messaging were tailored to the at-work audience while driving awareness of the client’s brand. 



WorkPlace Impact outperformed the in-home print, with one offer receiving 215 basis points higher in redemption and another receiving 600 basis points higher. Additionally, real-time consumer insights were gathered which indicated that 92% were likely to continue visiting the new store, with 75% saying they’d do so during the workday versus the weekend.