WorkPlace Impact Case Study

Casual dining chain reverses negative sales trend by focusing on increased lunch traffic.


A casual dining chain was challenged with declining sales, especially during the lunch day-part. The goal was to reverse the decline in an economy that had consumers cutting back on dining out as a way to save money.

Knowing that the lunch pattern of working consumers is a proven method to increase traffic and drive sales, WorkPlace Impact developed a strategy for the client that saturated local businesses and their employees with offers. The messages given to employees included two offers—one for lunch and one for dinner—and colorful food images. Additionally, the solution reduced advertising waste by directing the chain’s marketing dollars to consumers who were employed and, thus, more likely to afford dining out. 



The solution worked. With over 4% redemption and an ROI of over 3 to 1, the offers successfully brought in business and reversed negative sales. Data received from the client indicated that the positive sales swing for participating stores ranged from 6% - 11%. In addition, insights gained from the program’s real-time survey indicated that 40% of respondents were either lapsed or non-customers, and an astonishing 100% stated that the offer would lead them to visit the resturant if they weren’t planning to go.