An idea that was hatched while Tim F. McCarthy was working for a restaurant has proven to have an impact on many restaurants, CPG companies and retailers.

While on staff in the marketing department of a restaurant chain, McCarthy recognized an opportunity to market to consumers at their workplace. In 1988, he left the restaurant to pursue this unique business concept, forming WorkPlace Media, Inc.

WorkPlace Media quickly grew in size and success, receiving numerous awards including Inc. Magazine's Marketing Masters Award. The company forged relationships with more than 100 national and regional brands across several industry segments. Nearly two decades later, McCarthy sold more than 80% of his interests to a private equity firm.

Fast forward to 2013. Tim P. McCarthy, son of founder Tim F. McCarthy, assumes control of WorkPlace Media and renames the firm to WorkPlace Impact to outwardly reflect the spirit of what his father began—offering fun, exciting and unique opportunities for companies to make an impact with valuable consumer-at-work audiences.

Key Contacts


His self-proclaimed personality is “big and bad, loud and proud.” We know him as soft and humble, and we love his willing-to-help-everyone work ethic.


Cool. Friendly. Dedicated. Loves a good laugh. Practical jokester. She’s “been here for ages.”

Network Management

Having a bad day? Her advice? “Easy there, it’ll all work out.”


A product of the late ‘80s, this lyric best describes her: “If there was a problem, Yo, I'll solve it. Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it.”

Account Management

Years of sales/marketing experience for retail/restaurant. Her energy level bans her from drinking coffee. An eternal optimist, she’s always smiling.

Account Management

Work? “Puh-leeze! This much fun should be illegal!”


Last name is Boggs, but she never gets bogged down. Manages accounts at work and her husband’s Star Wars addiction at home. Loves their dog, Leia.

Account Management

Supermom. Fast walker. Morning person. Data entry queen. Believes every day is a new opportunity to be better than the day before.

Network Management

When anyone says “Harry Potter,” her inner geek comes out. Thinks her other car should be a broom.


She believes that you should paint a picture of what you want, then make it a reality. It's not easy, but not impossible. So break out the brushes!


He thrives best with a podcast or twelve streaming through his headphones, and an endless supply of work to do.


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Feature Story

Smart Business Cleveland features WorkPlace Impact in its January 2015 issue.

Vision and Mission

Why Workplace Impact?

Measurable Results

ROI that often exceeds traditional marketing vehicles.

Untapped Opportunities

Workplaces are largely overlooked by marketers. Be where your competition isn't.

Targeted Efficiency

Proprietary demographic and geographic targeting reaches only the consumers you want to reach. Plus, our scalable offering lets you engage any number of 71 million consumers at over one million businesses to best meet your goals and budget.


The Five Steps to Impact